Monday, 11 August 2008


Movie quote of the period:

“I just didn’t feel equipped to raise them. I enjoy my job. As an only child, I admit raised rather selfish. I began to question my capacity to make the necessary sacrifices parenting requires and I, quite frankly, didn’t think it would be fair to the children.”

(from Ally McBeal series, season 4)

Opinion of the period:

Sometimes, women are hypnotized by love. We think that we cannot live without love, I mean it’s true, totally. But, we also need to qualify ourselves. We should be able to fulfill our dreams, they think that it’s ok, it’s fine, you can do it, but the truth is you can’t. Especially after women passed that level of life, we have huge responsibility, because they won’t help us after all, it is bull if they first promise, they will provide everything, but after going through it, we are alone.

You know, having love is totally great but being single is worst, much worst. Life is life, I hate being us.

August 10th 2008, 15: 35

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