Thursday, 29 January 2009

Book Review

The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger

Andrea Sachs is a small-town girl who also a fresh graduate student from journalism major at Brown University. She gets a job as the assistant to Miranda Priestley, an editor of Runway, a fashion magazine. At first I do not understand why Andrea accepts that job because becoming a journalist at New Yorker is her ideal, but then I realize by working in the fashion magazine for a year she will get a recommendation from her boss that will get her a top job at any magazine or newspaper of her choose.

Everyone will presume if someone especially a girl who gets a job in the fashion magazine will have a great life. I mean they will get free clothes from famous designers or free access to the greatest party. That happens to Andrea but this job makes her suffer a lot. I think assistant for Miranda also means maid. She must buy her coffee, pick up her dry clean, look after her daughters, and others for almost a year. Even the worst is she must come to the office at seven A.M. until seven P.M. while regular time for employee is eight or nine A.M. until five P.M. That makes Andrea stressful. She realizes that a job which million girls would die for may just kill her. Even if she survives, she has to decide whether or not the job is worth for her life.

I think the job is totally not worth for her life. Because of this job, she neglects her best friend, boyfriend, and family. There are some parts where Andrea does not know that her best friend get arrested because she drunk or Andrea cannot visit her new niece, even more finally Andrea breaks up with her boyfriend after many fighting. Once again I said this job is not eligible with everything she has in her life.

However, I do not agree with reader’s opinion about the plot which is predictable, and part of a wave of tales that seem to be in vogue in the publishing business whereby, without really knowing how, the un-unnervingly, un-trendy, female of the novel lands herself one of the most envied, most sought-after jobs in the industry: the type of job a 'million girls would die for'. ( accessed on September 15th 2005) I think the plot is unpredictable because at the end Andrea gives up her job. She quits when she went to Paris and she gets a job at Seventeen magazine as a story writer. I thought she does not give up her job because she has already made many sacrifices for this job. Furthermore, she breaks up with her boyfriend while I think Alex (her boyfriend) is the most patient person I have ever known in this book. It is impossible for Alex to break up Andrea, but he does.

This novel has a nice title, but it really leads you on. If you want to hear someone complain for 360 pages about a lady that they are scared of and are forced to worship for personal gain, you could probably talk to some random people on the street and get a condensed version of such, the only difference is that this involves fashion, which makes it just that little bit better. ( accessed on September 15th 2005) Well I see eye to eye about this thing. The title is interesting especially for most of the girls or fashion lovers. In addition, this book tells about Andrea’s complaints for whole pages because those are the main and basic story of this novel.

iseng....kala tak ada gawe

Relationship takes two, uhm…not long ago, I posted our photos or upload or whatsoever lah ya, finally I get tempted, y’know everybody posted ‘their’ photo just few minutes after they announced that they are together, me takes 2 years, haha it’s just ‘lebai’ and we are not that ‘narsis’ who taking picture anytime everywhere, u can see my cell, it contains more cat pictures than us hehe, I always takes cat picture everywhere anywhere, of course the cat should be cute (but once again if my boyfriend heard this, he would say….’u always judge every cat is cute’) its true sih!! Ouwkay, back to d topic, yea finally I posted in y know the most social tools after ef-es, starts with ef also loh…hey but actually I did posted it like a year ago on my ef-es but still keeps on private, anyway….my bi-ef said that he doesn’t want to post our grad photos and he just suddenly erased it from my album and I posted it again and he erased again until yesterday, he was angry that his friends (not mine yah) gave comment and tagged it, I mean, yah its okay lah to give comment and kinda weird to tag because that friend (his yah not mine) even not in that picture right, but it means that its his fault and also its his friend so why I should bother, eh you know after I opened ef-bi (finally I said it :)) the comments are just common, ah it was he who has a big deal apparently, he said that he was awkward, because some of his friends even not graduate from diploma (so it is should be MY FAULT heh) and his couple friends finally broke up (so HE PRAYS THIS RELATIONSHIP IS NOT GONNA BE SUCCESSFUL, what….) ah whatever lah….once you think it’s the right time eh it’s not…..

Jan 29th 2009, apa she gw ngoceh ga jelas………….ga ada kerjaan today soalnya heukheuk…but still in d office though eh skul also office …..

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

my translation

Terjemahan cerpen Friendship karya Maya dari Majalah Contact, Januari – Februari 2001, hlm 34 –35


Friendship is a funny thing. You never know who you will end up being friends with. This is what i am thinking as I’m waving at the plane that is taking my friend away. It seems only yesterday that my teacher introduced him to my class. But in my fact, it was almost a year ago.

It was during math class. I had given up trying to solve the problems and was thinking about what my mom was preparing for lunch. A sudden knock on the door interrupted my reverie about sayur asam and fried chicken. It turned out to be a new student. His name was Mike and he was an exchange student from the US. The teacher asked Mike to tell something about himself. He spoke in Indonesian. It wasn’t very good but still intelligible. Within five minutes, almost all the girls in class were in love with him.
I wasn’t one of them. No way! The sight of my friends gawking at him made me so sick. Yeah, so what if he was tall, slim, and handsome; if he got those intense blue eyes with long, curly eyelashes? (Did I mention the dazzling smile?) Then and there I vowed to make this guy’s stay here as memorable as possible, in the most unpleasant way.
Nobody in class knew about my wicked intentions. They thought I was as charmed by Mike as everybody else. Well, I had to admit that he wasn’t just another pretty face. He was friendly and nice, so likeable. But, yuck! It made me hate him even more.
One day I came very early to class. No one was there yet. I looked for the shortest and smallest chair in class, and switched it with Mike’s. One my classmates shuffled into class. Finally Mike showed up. He was so tall he had trouble sitting down even in his previous chair. In his new chair he practically had to fold himself double to fit into his seat. I delighted in the sight of Mike making faces in his torture chair. He must be wondering who the heck had caused him this misery. But, I wasn’t the only one who noticed Mike’s suffering. The girls especially were concerned. As soon as the bell rank for break, they descended on him to find out what was wrong. Mike was literally drowned in their sympathy. They rushed around searching for the perfect chair for the poor victim. Some of them even took the trouble to look in other classrooms. Eventually Mike had an even better chair than before! I was fuming! But I wasn’t discouraged. If I couldn’t get at him with his chair, I could do it with his desk.
Next day, I came to class early again. The first thing I did was dump the whole content of the class’s waste basket inside Mike’s desk. When he arrived and opened the top of his desk, he found crumpled pieces of paper, pencil shavings, food wrappers – the usual class garbage. Yuck!
I kept up the prank for three days. I gloated inwardly every time I watched Mike frown at the mess in his desk. On the fourth day Gina came very early to class. I was lucky I’d emptied the wastebasket in Mike’s desk before, so she didn’t catch me in the act. She went straight to Mike’s desk and looked into it.
“Do you know who did this?” she asked.
“Nope.” I looked as innocent as possible. She started to clean up the desk. Five minutes later Shinta arrived. She also looked into Mike’s desk and smiled when she saw it was clean. Next, Martha and Jessy came in. they did the same thing. I couldn’t believe what I saw. This was stupid! It wasn’t funny anymore. I gave up. But then a golden opportunity to play another trick on Mike came along. It was the day before Mike’s birthday. My friends had been whispering and giggling since morning. Then Gina asked me, “You and Mike take the same bus home, don’t you?”
“Yeah, so what?”
“Great!” she dropped her voice to a whisper. “We want you to give this birthday present to Mike. Its from the class.”
“Oh?” I figured they didn’t know that even though Mike and I took the same bus, we hardly ever spoke to each other. I usually kept my distance from him. Wouldn’t it be funny now if, out of the blue, I handed him a present? But suddenly a crazy idea hit me.
“Sure, Gin,” I said. “No problem.”
“Thanks, Non, you’re an angel.”
I had the grace to blush at the word “angel”. An angel? Me? No kidding!
I put the present in my bag. After class, I sneaked into the restroom and locked myself in. I unwrapped the present. In a box was a ceramic mug with the words inscribed “Happy Birthday, Mike! You’re the greatest!” Wow! This custom-made kind of mug was no cheap trinket! They must really like the guy a lot. I put the mug my bag and carefully rewrapped the empty box.
I gave Mike his present just before we boarded the bus, saying that it was from the class and that he was to open it at home. He was so touched he was speechless. Then he smiled his dazzling smile at me. AW! Silau, man!… I pictured him at home unwrapping his present and opening the box. I envisioned his smile turning into a heavy frown, and then into a look of utter disappointment. Grinning from ear to ear, I got in the bus. It felt so good to be so sad! I didn’t mind a bit when a rude punk elbowed his way passed me and an obnoxious girl beat me to an empty seat. I was still smiling as I stood among the other passengers packed like sardines, holding on to the overhead strap. I gazed outside where a lot of people were milling around. Something caught my eye. A liitle girl was walking out of a school yard with who was obviously her father. He was apparently on his lunch break picking up his daughter to take her home. They looked so happy together. I suddenly remembered my own childhood, back when my dad was still alive. He, too, used to pick me up from school.
We were so close. He was the one I ran to for help whenever I was in trouble, which was really often. He would patiently talk to me, explaining why I should try to be a good and not hurt other kids. I thought of what I had done to Mike. My Dad would no doubt be very unhappy about this. I felt I had let my father down. Suddenly I started to cry.
It took a full five minutes to keep myself from bawling like a baby. It must have been a pitiable sight, with my red and swollen eyes, because everybody around me was staring at me. The obnoxious girl even offered me her seat. One of the ladies mumbled some comforting words. The scruffy bus conductor offered me his grimy handkerchief to wipe my tears off!
I got off at the next stop. Mike was right behind me. Maybe he too, had seen me crying and was worried.
“Hey,” he said, tapping me on my shoulder, “need any help?” I broke down and confessed to my sins. Instead of getting upset, he burst out laughing as if what I’d done was the funniest thing in the world. I started to wonder why I hadn’t liked him in the first place. Surely, it wasn’t his fault that my friends found him adorable. We talked for a long time at the bus stop and when I finally went home, my feelings for him had totally changed. In the rest of the time that he was with us, we became the best of friends. In case you’re curious, nothing romantic came out of it, we were just close friends, and that was it!
And now, here I am, waving at the plane until it disappears from sight. “Goodbye, Mike. I’m missing you already.”

"The Translation"

Persahabatan adalah hal yang menyenangkan. Kau tidak pernah tau pada akhirnya akan berteman dengan siapa. Hal ini yang kupikirkan ketika aku melambai pada pesawat yang membawa temanku pergi. Rasanya baru kemarin guruku mengenalkannya di kelas. Tapi kenyataanya, itu hampir setahun yang lalu


Hari itu pelajaran matematika. Aku sudah menyerah untuk mencoba menyelesaikan soal-soal dan berpikir apa yang mama siapkan nanti untuk makan siang. Tiba-tiba saja terdengar ketukan pintu yang mengganggu pikiranku mengenai sayur asam dan ayam goreng. Ternyata ada murid baru. Namanya Mike, ia pertukaran pelajar dari Amerika. Guruku menyuruh Mike menceritakan dirinya. Ia berbicara dengan bahasa Indonesia. Tidak terlalu bagus namun dapat dimengerti. Baru lima menit, hampir semua anak perempuan di kelas menyukainya.
Aku bukan salah satu dari mereka. Tidak mungkin! Teman-temanku yang menatapnya membuatku muak. Ya, memangnya kenapa kalau ia tinggi, kurus, dan tampan; kalau ia mempunyai kedua mata biru dengan bulu mata yang lentik? (Sudahkah kumenyebutkan senyum yang mempesona?) lalu aku bersumpah membuat anak yang berdiri itu akan berkesan mungkin dengan cara yang paling tidak menyenangkan.
Tidak seorang pun di kelas mengetahui maksud burukku. Mereka pikir aku menggumi Mike seperti orang lain. Mungkin aku harus mengakui bahwa ia tidak hanya mempunyai wajah tampan. Ia ramah dan baik, sangat menyenangkan. Tetapi, yuck! Hal itu membuatku semakin membencinya.
Suatu hari aku datang sangat awal ke kelas. Tidak ada seorang pun yang sudah datang. Aku melihat kursi yang terpendek dan terkecil di kelas lalu menukarnya dengan bangku Mike. Satu per satu temanku pun menggesernya dalam kelas. Akhirnya Mike datang. Ia sangat tinggi sehingga ia kesulitan duduk meski di kursi sebelumnya. Di kursinya yang baru hampir-hampir ia harus menyesuaikan dirinya berkali-kali agar cukup duduk di kursi tersebut. Aku senang memandang Mike dengan wajahnya yang menderita akibat kursi tersebut. Ia pasti bertanya-tanya siapa yang berani membuatnya menderita seperti itu. Tetapi bukan aku saja yang memperhatikan penderitaan Mike. Anak-anak perempuan, khususnya mereka yang memperhatikannya. Ketika bel berbunyi, mereka mengelilinginya untuk mengetahui apa yang terjadi. Mike benar-benar tenggelam dalam simpati mereka. Mereka sibuk mencari kursi yang tepat di sekitar untuk korban yang menyedihkan itu. Beberapa dari mereka bahkan mengambil resiko untuk mencarinya di kelas lain. Akhirnya Mike mempunyai kursi yang lebih baik dari sebelumnya! Aku sangat geram! Tetapi aku tidak berkecil hati. Jika aku tidak dapat menjahilinya dengan kursinya, aku dapat melakukan hal yang sama dengan mejanya.
Esoknya, aku datang awal lagi ke kelas. Hal yang pertama aku lakukan adalah mengosongkan seluruh isi keranjang sampah kelas ke dalam meja Mike. Ketika ia dating dan membuka bagian atas mejanya, ia menemukan gumpalan kertas, serutan pensil, bungkus makanan – sampah yang biasa terdapat di kelas. Yuck!
Aku melakukan hal yang buruk itu selama tiga hari. Dalam hati aku merasa senang melihat nasib buruk orang lain setiap kali melihat Mike mengerutkan dahinya melihat mejanya yang berantakan. Hari keempat Gina datang sangat awal ke kelas. Aku beruntung telah mengosongkan keranjang sampah di meja Mike sebelumnya, jadi ia tidak melihatku melakukannya. Ia menuju meja Mike dan melihatnya.
“Apa kamu tahu siapa yang melakukan ini?” tanyanya.
“Tidak.” Aku melihatnya dengan wajah yang tak bersalah. Ia mulai membersihkan mejanya. Lima menit kemudian Shinta datang. Ia juga melihat meja Mike dan tersenyum ketika melihat mejanya bersih. Berikutnya, Martha dan Jessy yang datang. Mereka melakukan hal yang sama. Aku tidak percaya apa yang kulihat. Hal ini sangat bodoh! Ini tidak lucu lagi, aku menyerah. Tapi ada kesempatan emas untuk melakukan trik yang lain pada Mike. Hari itu, sehari sebelum ulang tahun Mike. Teman-temanku berbisik dan terkikih-kikih sejak tadi pagi. Lalu Gina bertanya padaku, “Kau dan Mike pulang naik bis yang sama, kan?”
“Ya, terus kenapa?”
“Bagus!” ia berbisik padaku. “Kami ingin kau memberikan hadiah ulang tahun pada Mike. Ini dari anak-anak di kelas.”
“Oh?” aku kira mereka tidak tahu meskipun kami naik bis yang sama, kami tidak pernah saling berbicara. Aku biasanya menjaga jarak dengannya. Apa hal ini jadi lucu sekarang, di luar perkiraan, aku menyampaikan hadiah padanya? Tapi tiba-tiba saja sebuah ide gila terpikir olehku.
“Tentu saja, Gin,” kataku. “Tak masalah.”
“Terima kasih, Non, kamu memang seorang malaikat.”
Aku jadi malu mendengar kata “malaikat”. Seorang malaikat? Aku? Jangan bercanda!
Aku menyimpan hadiahnya di dalam tas. Pulang sekolah, aku mengendap-ngendap masuk ke dalam toilet dan menguncinya. Aku robek kertas kadonya. Di dalam sebuah kardus terdapat mug keramik dengan kata-kata “Selamat ulang tahun Mike! Kau yang terbaik!” Wow! Mug ini tampaknya khusus dipesan dan bukan pernak-pernik yang murah! Mereka pasti sangat menyukai anak ini. Aku taruh mugnya dalam tas dan perlahan membungkus kardus yang kosong tadi.
Aku memberikan hadiahnya pada Mike tepat sebelum kami naik ke dalam bis dan berkata itu dari anak-anak di kelas juga ia harus membukanya di rumah. Ia sangat tersentuh sampai tak dapat berkata-kata. Lalu menunjukkan senyumnya AW! Silau, man!… aku membayangkan ia merobek kertas kadonya di rumah dan membuka kardusnya. Aku membayangkan senyumnya yang berubah menjadi masam dan ia menemukan ketidakpuasan sama sekali. Senyumanku yang lebar lalu aku pun naik ke dalam bis. Hal itu terasa menyenangkan meski aku berbuat buruk. Aku tidak keberatan sedikit pun ketika seorang berandalan menghalangi jalannya melewatiku dan seorang gadis pengganggu merebut kursi yang kosong dariku. Aku tetap tersenyum ketika berdiri dengan penumpang lain seperti ikan sarden dan berpegangan tangan pada pegangan bis. Aku merapat keluar dimana banyak orang yang berdesak-desakkan. Sesuatu hal menarik perhatianku. Seorang gadis kecil berjalan ke lapangan sekolah dengan seseorang yang jelas-jelas ayahnya. Ia tiba-tiba muncul saat istirahat makan siangnya, menjemput anak perempuannya untuk pulang ke rumah. Mereka terlihat sangat bahagia bersama. Tiba-tiba aku teringat masa kecilku dulu ketika ayahku masih hidup. Ia juga sering menjemputku ke sekolah.
Kami sangat dekat. Ia menjadi tempat aku meminta bantuan kapanpun aku sedang ada masalah, dan hal itu sangat sering terjadi. Ia dengan sabar berbicara padaku, menjelaskan mengapa aku harus menjadi anak yang baik dan tidak boleh melukai orang lain. Aku pikir itu yang kulakukan pada Mike. Ayahku pasti tidak suka akan hal ini. Kurasa aku telah mengecewakan ayah. Tiba-tiba saja aku menangis.
Memerlukan lima menit yang panjang untuk menghindarkanku menangis keras seperti bayi. Ini terlihat sangat menyedihkan, dengan mataku yang merah dan bengkak, semua orang di sekitarku memperhatikanku. Gadis pengganggu tadi menawariku tempat duduknya. Salah seorang wanita menasihatiku kata-kata yang melegakan. Konduktor bis yang berseragam pun menawarkan saputangannya yang kotor untuk menghapus air mataku.
Aku turun di peberhentian selanjutnya. Mike tepat berada di belakangku. Mungkin ia juga telah melihatku menangis dan merasa khawatir.
“Hei,” katanya sambil menepuk punggungku, “Butuh bantuan?” aku merasa terganggu dan mengakui kesalahanku. Selain terlihat kecewa, ia tertawa terbahak-bahak atas apa yang kulakukan, ia pikir itu hal yang terlucu di dunia. Aku mulai bertanya-tanya mengapa aku tidak menyukainya sejak awal. Tentu bukan salahnya karena teman-temanku memujanya. Kami berbicara cukup lama di perhentian bis dan akhirnya ketika aku pulang, perasaanku padanya sudah berubah. Seiring sisa waktunya bersama kami, kami pun menjadi teman baik. Jika kau penasaran, tidak ada hal yang romantis, kami hanya teman dekat dan hanya itu!
Sekarang, disinilah aku melambai pada pesawat hingga menghilang dari pandanganku. “Selamat tinggal, Mike. Aku sudah merindukanmu.”

Sunday, 11 January 2009

what happen today....

hmmm, 11 januari 2009

so I went to britama sports mall to buy lunch, then bener aja tempat favorit gw yg murah dan enak (even the tumis oseng2 is always spicy) tutup, so beli di sebelahnya suddenly pas mau bayar, loh where's my wallet...langsung panik, masa sih ketinggalan, apa ilang yah, coz td kamar gw g dikunci pas ke wc and wudhu seblm dhuhur...akhirnya bilang ke mas2 penjualnya "eh dompet saya ketinggalan, ntar saya balik lagi yah, bener, maaf yah" langsung cepe2 balik ke kosan bari parno takut ilang, besok gimana gawe, males ngurus surat ktp sim atm heuk....dan sambil berdoa kepada yg maha kuasa semoga ga ilang, pas buka pintu dan buka tas...hope "semoga ada semoga ada semoga ada", fuihhhhh ada di tas pink, perasaan kemaren ga dipindahin, pantesan pas masukin botol minum ko asa lowong tas gw,,,heuk balik lagi ke sports mall dengan cukup melelahkan, eh taunya pas mau sampe, sendal gw lepas...heuk heuk lagi, kudu beli sendal jepit dah, beli aja deh yg murah meriah alias swallow tapi tetep ceban bouw....aahhhh

tidak hanya sampai disitu saja sodara2, begitu sampe warnet eh tutup...siallllll duh kepaksa ke wnet satu lagi yg more expensive tapi yah drpd gw balik lagi ke kosan mati gaya kan.....

so pelajaran yg dapat dipetik adalah, jangan terburu-buru which is I always like that, always in a hurry...

cuapee deh, enough for this day ah.... 15:30
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