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the worst series ever (so far...)

I am a tv series addict,,,,you ask me any kinds of series,,,I would have watched (hehe engga juga deng),,,at least I know,,,,but gossip girl,,, ouwkay first I heard this series is cool,,,,then trans 7 broadcasted on tv,,, I watched and said,,,,ouwkay charming character,,,,killed fashion,,,and different package (the voice of tha gossip girl xoxo,,,,but then episode after episode,,,gosh the conflict,,,it used since what,,,beverly hills 90210,,,,,the oc,,,one tree hill,,basi banget konfliknya

jadi intinya,,, pemain yg keren+fashion up date&package yg menarik itu dikalahkan oleh konflik yg basi banget apalagi pas temen lama si serena flirt ama dan,,,gosh,,,,what I mean,,,,gw sampe terlibat perdebatan di fesbuk haha,,,cos they are so pathetic,,,post wallpaper in their fb photo and tag their name in the character haha,,,,trus satu lagi ada yg marah2 gr2 bilang ceritanya chessy padahal dia sendiri yg bilang "ceritanya cheesy" duluan heuheu,,,

berikut adalah hasil percakapan a.k.a perdebatan lewat fesbuk tersebut:

Puti Manira
what is the good thing of gossip girl except up to date fashion and gorgeus actor/actress????

all about gossip girl is soooooo goooodddd puti ;D

agreeeeeee.... heheheheh

aakhh puti,,thats right but why we have to complain if they entertaining us with their character or branded gown???

yeah beybeh! Thats what we‘re lookin for.. Branded stuff n gorgeous cast. Beside,we also love the story. Rite gg lovers???! No complaining anymore on this forum,u go to a wrong page dear..hahaha! :P

yup....,u're exactly right piw!!!! :-*

Puti Manira
really,,,story,,,,hehe,,,that conflict used since what,,beverly hills 90210,,,,if thats so good,,,why gossip girl isnt nominated in golden globe?? :D,,,piss ah,,,emang selera mah beda2 siy ya,,,,piss sekali lagieh

ya gitu deh put...., kalo udah suka susah sih yaa jelasin rincinya apa n knapa??? ;)

the learn point i get is about the friendship among them...
how they are supporting each other eventhough they're also competing..., but love in friendship is the one all they have!!! ;)

ga peduli ceritanya cheesy,,mirip2 sm cerita lain,,tp GG tetep bikin qta betah ntn nya ya...

mgkn karna kita org2 yg mengerti bgmn rasanya being in that kind of friendship...hmmm..maybe ;D
enough!!!!!!!... Read More
j'aime pas cette discussion cheres amies!!
j'adore GG sooo much ;D

I'm totally out of date with this topic,hahaha yg upload ko ktinggalan jaman :D
Absolutely agree with you girls,our fiendship just happened like that,,,no offence yah put ;)

Puti Manira
ouwkay then,,,,makanya ampe upload GG trus tag nama kalian,,,,euleuh euleuh,,,,, totally no offence for me,,,just wondering and asking,,,, but you admit the story is cheesy hehehe,,,,, peace,,,,gw juga nonton season 1 nya doang hoho,,,,peace ah sekale lageeee :p ;))

friendship is never died!!! love youuu!!! :-*

ga usah euleuh2...ini wajar kok..banyak yg kaya kita yg pgn jd Blair CS...benar tmn2?? org normal pasti suka..hahahaha
btw,,kita ga nganggap ceritanya cheesy yah,,km kali put yg nganggap bgitu...kita mah denger aja apa yg org2 yg ga suka GG blg,,tp ga prnh dimasukin ke hati...masuk telinga kanan,keluar telinga kiri...hahahahha
makanya ntn smua season donk,,up to date ath klo mau komen biar cheesy kok ceritanya... ;D

kesimpulan: apakah pembaca bisa tau dari dialog di atas siapa yang duluan ngomong ceritanya cheesy,,,bukan gw kan,,,hahaha put you're making this way too serious,, engga ko,,,gw ga marah,,,ngapain gw marah,,,si cewe A yang kayanya marah,,,logikanya sih gw yang mengkritik GG,,mereka sebagai fans yang tersinggung kan,,,am I right? hoho,,,gw sih cuma nanya doang apa bagusnya,,,yg nyolot sapa yg ngaku cheesy sapa hoho,,,,dan gw sama sekali no offense,,,ngapain,,,selera orang kan beda2,,,kalo emang suka GG ampe upload pic di fesbuk trus tag pake nama sendiri,,,be my guess but I think its pathetic and not normal haha,,,,

read my sources below:

Every episode I watch of this show convices me more of how stupid it is to hire all good looking actresses and actors without any sense of talent.I mean it's getting so lame that it's almost pathetic. This season love's affaires:
-Dan and Serena
-Dan and Rachel
-Jenny and Nate
-Vannessa and Nate
-Blair and Nate
-Serena and the paintor guy whatever his name is.
-Chuck with Blair
-Chuck with Vannessa.

I mean it's too much even for this show. I mean one thing is to show " the scandolous lives of Manhattan elite " another thing is to make every character in the show date every other character , it's lame and completely out of touch. What it's worse , every episode a new relationship is introduced so this show has lost all sense of storyline and plot , and one day Nate is in love with Vannessa next day she doesn't exist , I mean come on . Dan which was an interesting character in season one , now is the worst nice guy of history and he is as boring as anyone can get. Dialogues are so basic and idiotic that any 5 yeard old with a computer could write them. For example I watched " Remains of the J " today and Blair says to Nate: " Only my boyfriend can touch my hair".I think that explains it all and prooves my point. This is a lame excuse of a show which has nothing to do against other shows of the genre such as One Tree Hill ( that's a really good show) , the OC or even Privileged. If I don't see any improvement before this season finishes , this show is absolutely done for me , total waste of time.

It's not even cool,even with the girls.It's very boring and whenever the makers are doing,it was a bad idea for a show.It's not even like High School Musical or all of the other shows.I don't think that the show is a good one.It's like a drama or a not scary version of The Haunting Of Molly Hartley,even with Chace Chrawford.I say that it's really boring and it's really a bad drama show.It's not even a best show or it's not even better than Drake And Josh.I would say that it should be a bad show and my grade is a F because it's boring and lame.
Nice and rich places, beatiful girls and handsome boys but no plot. Come on !!!!! The story is the same as O.C. actually the only difference is the city but the rest of the story is the same, beautiful rich girl and cute poor boy with a little bit taste of Beverly Hills 90210. The only things I like about the show is Selena, she is really cute and seeing Sam Whitmore again.
I dont think the show last very long like Beverly Hills and share the same faith with O.C.
But I hope I can see Blake in more adultish series next time.
Ever wonder why children today are so cruel to others or why they don't focus on anything else but themselves? I'm sorry to all you Gossip Girl fans out there, but this is part of the reason.

Shows today are mostly promoted sex to young people today, which is a major problem. It's kind of saying that life is going to be easy to the beautiful ones and you have to make those who are less fortunate a hard time.

Plus this show is just so cocky, I know that this show has a lot of fans and I'm one of the few haters, but this is why I hate this show.
It's the show that everyone is talking about, yet no one watching. It's consistently found at the bottom of the Nelson Ratings scan, yet is one of the most popular shows of the '07/'08 television season. It's a series that should be borderline cancellation.O Brother, Where Bart Thou? - "More towers than Trump, more bucks than Bloomberg... Bart Bass definitely made his mark on Manhattan. The passing of a public figure can shake a whole town, but the real story is always the one happening in private, away from. Jenny and Nate leave DUMBO forever; Dan becomes what he hates
haha,,,, separah itukah gw,,,oh tidak hanya berpendapat aja,,,,piss ah,,,btw it's my blog,,, I can write anything I want

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