Saturday, 5 February 2011

'medical' tv series

I always have thing with doctor tv series

you know, most parents want their kid to be doctor or engineer, so typical ya hehe, its stereotype actually, I turn out have a bachelor degree in language, English to be exact, but nah I won’t talk about dreams or my parents, I am a tv series freak but you know I always have a thing with medical, doctor, hospital tv series ..

  1. ER
Humm yeah I love Noah Wyle aka dr carter hehe .. I guess this is the first “doctor” series that vie watched, cool, emergency room situation thing of course and we have the original mcdreamy (if you know what I mean *wink* hehe) who is George Clooney. I don’t watch all seasons, just several in indosiar back then and re-run in hallmark 2 years behind when I was in the boarding house.

  1. Strong Medicine
I kinda forgot the story, cos I just like watch several episodes but yah I like it hehe ;), there's nothing I can tell actually ;p

  1. Grey’s Anatomy
This is my favorite so far and I am so in love with Derek hehehe but this is series is my love at the first sight ahahaah *lebay* you can read it .. it is great until now the seventh season, hot, cute doctors ;p, great stories, got several awards on Golden Globe, real story adapted you know the skin guy “dede manusia akar” from Bandung it is in one of episode in sixth season, I just love this series, ever, so far ;)

  1. Private Practice
It’s actually spin off from Grey’s Anatomy, so Addison, Derek’s exwife is the leading of this series, after she gave up her marriage with Derek, she move to LA meet with her college mates Naomi and Sam to join their practice. Since Addison specialty is babies, pregnancy thing (I dunno the medical term ya guys ;p) so mostly the stories are about babies and pregnancy, of course there is pediatrician dr. Cooper and the hot guy, Pete ‘the alternative guy’, I love Charlotte style, Violet is so beautiful, it’s great it just that kinda mess, Addison sleeps with Pete, Pete w Violet, Violet w Sheldon, Sheldon w Charlotte, Charlotte w Cooper, Sam w Naomi, Naomi w Addison bro, Addison w Sam, see adultery everywhere ;p .. but other things is good, I like it ;)

  1. House
It’s actually CSI combined with Grey’s. The medical case is kinda weird, once I watched, there is a guy who cannot live hygiene because he used to live in a dirty place so he used to have a little bacteria in his body system, is it weird right. Others, there is patient which his sickness cannot diagnose and he died, doctors want to have autopsy when they like open up the body with kinda buldozer, he wake, while he doesnt have pulse anymore, it’s cool and great but I haven’t watch one whole full season, just several eps jump to one season to another, I hope I can watch it someday ;).

  1. Mercy
It’s mostly about nurses life, it’s too bad it only survived one season, while it’s good actually even the story kinda standard, but I like it. It focused medical series from nurse side. Just watched like 10 episodes and they already cancelled it.

  1. Trauma
This is also good but they cancelled it, again. Mostly this is about medical cases in outdoor area for example, explosion, car accident, this is about paramedic story in an accident scene before they go to hospital giving first aid help.

  1. Nip/ Tuck
The specialty is Plactics, boob job, face off you know something like that with complicated story of the casts, it’s kinda kinky, the story about hookers, raped, something like that. Not my favorite actually but ok ;).

  1. Scrubs
This is actually a sitcom and I hate it, sorry, it just that, it isnt funny maybe it supposed to be criticize the medical word but I just don’t get it, I don’t know maybe it’s only comprehend by American viewers not Indonesian like me you know the office, I don’t get it either. It just that, I think the story is not that good but they lasts until what 10 seasons more. I dunno.

10.    Royal Pains
This actually a story about doctor for rich people, on call straight to the patient house ;) but he (I forgot the name, cos he doesn't that cute hehe) also do charity works like pro-bono in the hospital for patients who can't pay for their treatments, finished 1 season hope can find the second season with affordable price ;).

Maybe I want to be a doctor but my brain capacity isn’t enough to study in the medical faculty so I choose language which like the easiest thing hehe ;). FYI, I still wanna watch Hawthorn (Jada Pinkett), General Hospital (like forever soap opera), and Three Rivers (even just hang on several eps) ;D


syntasium said...

beda banget sama saya yang suka ama kriminal kecuali the big bang theory hehe

Puti said...

hehe selera eta mah, rame big bang theory?

syntasium said...

rame banget, terutama kalau yang gerti ama dunia fisika, komik, film cocok banget buat yang geek (me)

Puti said...

ooo, ok lha ntar coba ntn ;)

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