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I.                 Background

Based on long term plan Bogor residency development year 2005-2015 where Bogor has excellency in one of best area in West Java Province which reflects positively to Bogor residency development.

Sukamakmur Bogor area which placed in east Bogor residency has beautiful mountain scenery which temperature is cool similar with Puncak with height between 600 until 1100 dpl. That is why it is very important to become area where will become international tourism also strategic area in West Java province. The area length is only 50 km from Jakarta with main access through JagorawiSentul freeway. By the time the finishing of plan development nasional street from Sentul to Sukamakmur to Cipanas in 2013 then the length from Jakarta will only be through by one hour and the Sukamakmur area will become alive as main tourism in Bogor because the area connects 3 provinces, DKI Jakarta –Banten – West Java and connects 4 big cities Jakarta-Bogor-Bekasi-Tangerang.

Situation development gives us, Mega Kuningan Group, effort as one of Developer Company which is success built diplomatic and commercial area, Mega Kuningan Jakarta. We also participated in the development international tourism area, mountain golf resort north 1.

II.               Company Profile

Mountain Golf Resort North 1 is around 200 Ha is built and organized by one of company group, Mega Kuningan Group, are:

PT  DayaBuana Prima majority is owned by PT Bukit KharismaSukamakmur also part of Mega Kuningan Group.

To develop and organize area in Sukamulya village, Sukamakmur Village and Cibadak Village, Sukamakmur sub district, Bogor residence built Mountain golf resort north 1 in 200 ha. With location permit number 591.1/001/0087/bpt/2010.

III.              Plan Projects

Project is development of integrated tourism area of 200 acre (total area is 1000 acre) placed in mountain area with height 600 until 1100 dpl where will be named Mountain Golf Resort North 1. This area will also provide sport and recreation facility like golf 18 holes field, house and other international facilities.

III.1. Project Location

Administratively, project location mountain golf resort north 1 is on Sukamulya village, Sukamakmur Village and Cibadak Village, Sukamakmur sub district, Bogor residence

Project location can be reached easily from Jakarta through JagorawiSentul freeway By the time the finishing of plan development nasional street from sentul to sukamakmur to cipanas in 2013 then the length from Jakarta will only be through by one hour and the sukamakmur area will become alive as main tourism in Bogor.

III.2. Project Goals
a.     To make organized and planned area in Bogor residence as main of new tourism area also as distraction of massiveness development of Puncak Pass area.
b.     To increase service tourism appropriate  facility in Bogor residence which known by tourist.
c.      To increase rapid development in East Bogor particularly in sukamakmur  so it will become new tourism area with international standard.
d.     To help government program in opening work vacancy for local people.
e.     To add value in economic growth in developing west java province particular in tourism.
f.       To get profit from the project.

III.3. Project Capacity
Based on Mega Kuningan Group consideration of potential and location, we are doing procurement 200 acre field to develop as tourism area world class with golf field main facility.

We believe this project will be success because supported nature potential and only 50 km distance from Jakarta even if the province street project is finished then the distance will only one hour. The scope is quite beneficial because the area is developed rapidly for instance Citeureup, Sentul, Hambalang and Cipanas.

The first step development is golf field facility and other supporting facility to produce short term budget like lot sales : golf lodges, golf villa, commercial, and others.

Long term plan : culinary spot, hobies center, meeting exhibition hall, other recreation facility.

IV.             Investment estimation
Big investment needed on this project for instance construction fee, utility fee, procurement of equipment or utensils, and others. Fee can be calculated based on real price with the estimation as follow:

Rp 572.941.591.984
1.     18 holes golf course
2.     Golf lodges
3.     Golf view villas lot
4.     Garden view villas lot
5.     Mountain view villas lot
6.     Commercial lot
7.     Religious lot

V.               Technical Aspect
1.     Project Location Existence
The existence of the area project location is very valued, considering factors as follow:
a.     The location is on tourism area where main access is through jagorawi freeway and sentul which is very supported.
b.     In wider explanation, project location is near Taman Bunga Nusantara Tourism Area, President Palace in Cipanas,  Cibodas Tourism Area and Puncak Pas Area which are known by tourist.
c.       Development of Bogor residence also can impulse area development
d.     With tourism facility and infrastructure can both directly bring positive to the area also increasing new tourism object and resources.
e.     Maintaining and increasing tourism awareness in society, to support regional income from tax section.

Those factors can bring positive influence to support share market from Mountain Golf Resort.

2.     Location Support Factors
Project location is strategic based on:
a.     Topography Aspect
Condition and form of land is contour land with 600 – 1100 meter above sea surface that is why site plan can use the land there.
b.     Geology Aspect
Land tested for land condition is quite good where the hard part depth is 2,5 meter so from construction site is quite safe to build house and others.
c.      Hydrology Aspect
The water condition is good because the land contents are enough where water land can be gotten by pump with 8 until 10 meter depth while deep well is 180 meter. We also can use water from river and well spring to provide clean water.
d.     Climate Aspect
This project is on mountain feet with temperature maximum is 31’c and minimum 22’c, rainfall is 35 mm / year, sun exposure 25’c, wind blows from west with 125 km/hour speed.
e.     Location Limit
The project location areas are surrounding by:
North are rice fields and housing
East are rice fields and housing
North is forest
West is forest
f.       Coefficient of basic building and flowis around 20 – 40 %

Those factors are really supported in develop project of Mountain Golf Resort.

VI. Development Tourist Current and Visiting Projection
            Based on the qualification there are 2 kinds of tourist who come to Bogor:
a.     Foreigners
-        Foreigners who come for holiday
-        Foreigners who stay or work in Indonesia (holiday and other activity)

b.     Local Tourist
-Regional come from outside West Java Province and visiting more than a day
- Local from West Java Province and visiting more than a day
- Day Trippers are people who are not staying.

The development current can be seen in this graphic
The potential countries which people come from are Malaysia, Singapore, Middle East and Europe. 

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