rendra and kania

you might think im crazy..maybe i am crazy but ill leave to canberra in 3 mos doing job thing

and you should go with me

haha yes you are crazy

no listen first or let me do a proposal presentation

i will find internship or course like you always wanted, apartment well the small one will be rented, visa permit will be done like a snap finger

course..thats what just like 20 yo girl passion, i am now emak emak who is headache cos my baby will go to primary next year

oh I forgot, please go with your baby and your mom, meal allowance also will be provided just tell your parents that you have job thing, at least try for one mo tourist visa

how long you will go?

a year

then you can fly to Jakarta twice in three months, this is too much like cinderella founded by his prince cos her shoes

I know just think about it, you never ask me anything, my ex will ask loubotin or what prada..

im not your ex