Book Review

The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger

Andrea Sachs is a small-town girl who also a fresh graduate student from journalism major at Brown University. She gets a job as the assistant to Miranda Priestley, an editor of Runway, a fashion magazine. At first I do not understand why Andrea accepts that job because becoming a journalist at New Yorker is her ideal, but then I realize by working in the fashion magazine for a year she will get a recommendation from her boss that will get her a top job at any magazine or newspaper of her choose.

Everyone will presume if someone especially a girl who gets a job in the fashion magazine will have a great life. I mean they will get free clothes from famous designers or free access to the greatest party. That happens to Andrea but this job makes her suffer a lot. I think assistant for Miranda also means maid. She must buy her coffee, pick up her dry clean, look after her daughters, and others for almost a year. Even the worst is she must come to the office at seven A.M. until seven P.M. while regular time for employee is eight or nine A.M. until five P.M. That makes Andrea stressful. She realizes that a job which million girls would die for may just kill her. Even if she survives, she has to decide whether or not the job is worth for her life.

I think the job is totally not worth for her life. Because of this job, she neglects her best friend, boyfriend, and family. There are some parts where Andrea does not know that her best friend get arrested because she drunk or Andrea cannot visit her new niece, even more finally Andrea breaks up with her boyfriend after many fighting. Once again I said this job is not eligible with everything she has in her life.

However, I do not agree with reader’s opinion about the plot which is predictable, and part of a wave of tales that seem to be in vogue in the publishing business whereby, without really knowing how, the un-unnervingly, un-trendy, female of the novel lands herself one of the most envied, most sought-after jobs in the industry: the type of job a 'million girls would die for'. ( accessed on September 15th 2005) I think the plot is unpredictable because at the end Andrea gives up her job. She quits when she went to Paris and she gets a job at Seventeen magazine as a story writer. I thought she does not give up her job because she has already made many sacrifices for this job. Furthermore, she breaks up with her boyfriend while I think Alex (her boyfriend) is the most patient person I have ever known in this book. It is impossible for Alex to break up Andrea, but he does.

This novel has a nice title, but it really leads you on. If you want to hear someone complain for 360 pages about a lady that they are scared of and are forced to worship for personal gain, you could probably talk to some random people on the street and get a condensed version of such, the only difference is that this involves fashion, which makes it just that little bit better. ( accessed on September 15th 2005) Well I see eye to eye about this thing. The title is interesting especially for most of the girls or fashion lovers. In addition, this book tells about Andrea’s complaints for whole pages because those are the main and basic story of this novel.