iseng....kala tak ada gawe

Relationship takes two, uhm…not long ago, I posted our photos or upload or whatsoever lah ya, finally I get tempted, y’know everybody posted ‘their’ photo just few minutes after they announced that they are together, me takes 2 years, haha it’s just ‘lebai’ and we are not that ‘narsis’ who taking picture anytime everywhere, u can see my cell, it contains more cat pictures than us hehe, I always takes cat picture everywhere anywhere, of course the cat should be cute (but once again if my boyfriend heard this, he would say….’u always judge every cat is cute’) its true sih!! Ouwkay, back to d topic, yea finally I posted in y know the most social tools after ef-es, starts with ef also loh…hey but actually I did posted it like a year ago on my ef-es but still keeps on private, anyway….my bi-ef said that he doesn’t want to post our grad photos and he just suddenly erased it from my album and I posted it again and he erased again until yesterday, he was angry that his friends (not mine yah) gave comment and tagged it, I mean, yah its okay lah to give comment and kinda weird to tag because that friend (his yah not mine) even not in that picture right, but it means that its his fault and also its his friend so why I should bother, eh you know after I opened ef-bi (finally I said it :)) the comments are just common, ah it was he who has a big deal apparently, he said that he was awkward, because some of his friends even not graduate from diploma (so it is should be MY FAULT heh) and his couple friends finally broke up (so HE PRAYS THIS RELATIONSHIP IS NOT GONNA BE SUCCESSFUL, what….) ah whatever lah….once you think it’s the right time eh it’s not…..

Jan 29th 2009, apa she gw ngoceh ga jelas………….ga ada kerjaan today soalnya heukheuk…but still in d office though eh skul also office …..


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