Friday, 19 March 2010

simple Q which are hard to answer

a. Describe your strength and weakness, 5 items each, and explain them.

My strengths are:

1. Organized
I am so organized in preparing something or put my personal things, I cannot stand if my desk disorder. I also organize my wardrobe based on its type, shirt goes with shirt, blazer goes with blazer, et cetera.
2. Well-prepared
Now I’m working in Jakarta so sometimes I go back to Bandung, my hometown to visit my family. I always prepare everything a day before like I’m going somewhere far while actually I’m doing this for almost one a half year, but still well-prepared even for such small things.
3. Fast
I get used to do something fast, for instance in my work if my boss ask me to type some documents, I directly do it and maybe can finish it at least half hour depends on how many I should type the file.
4. Easily remember person
My boss said I easily remember person, because I also handle marketing in my job so I should be able to know my customer but the thing is I can still remember previous customer from last year but mostly physically.
5. Planner
I always have short and long term plan since I was a kid. This because I am an organized person makes me a planner but plan keeps me on track for a big thing even small thing like if I want to buy something, I have a plan either I cannot buy things that aren’t so important or try not to do something which can spend much money.

My Weaknesses are:
1. Careless
I am fast but careless. Sometimes when I type something for my work because I’m doing it fast, there several words mistakenly typed or something missing in the document.
2. Sensitive
When I am mad or upset, I want to cry, I think the best solution is crying out loud. Even in my work, when my boss is mad at me because I am wrong to do something, I want to cry.
3. Easily get bored
I cannot just stay at home for few days or I just cannot just stay doing nothing at home, there is something I definitely will do. Even for my job now for almost 2 years, I’m working as administrative staff in a school, I get bored. I am worship with habitual but easily get bored.
4. Selfish
I am quite selfish as a person, maybe because I am the youngest child and the only one daughter in family so it affects me as a selfish person. Actually I didn’t raised in spoilt way with my parents but sometimes I only think about myself, don’t care with others.
5. Stingy
I always calculate everything if it involves with money, the good thing is I can save a lot of money, but people said it is stingy. Yeah well, as long as I still can share my things with poor people it is not called stingy that bad, right.

b. What is your plan for the next five years?
I have a plan to continue my study for master program so in five years I hope I already finish my master program majoring Business and Management because I also wants have a business for myself. The business probably a simple coffee shop placed near campus because college buddy like to hang out in a coffee shop, it doesn’t have to be expensive latte. Just simple, nice, warm place with nice food and cheap price.

c. What is the biggest achievement in your life? Why?
I think I haven’t accomplished my biggest achievement in my life because my life is still an ordinary life but if I can join this exchange program probably this will be my biggest achievement.

d. Do you prefer to work alone or in a team? Explain how do you work individually and in a team.

I can both work alone or in a team because it has its own advantage. For instance, if I work alone, I can focus on my idea and work faster but if I work in a team then it is probably slower to get the work done because so many idea and we have to brainstorm all ideas in one goal but the result is probably more creative because it doesn’t only come from one head.

e. What kind of contribution will you make upon the completion of the program.

I will learn culture and education field in country where I follow the program so I hope I can implement all the material I will learn there by teaching voluntary for children especially in English language which fits with my education background and I also wants to get more involve in social works to give something for the next generation especially those who cannot afford to continue their study.

f. State a current issue which interest you nowadays and your opinion on it.

Social networking like facebook, twitter, my space, and others are very happening nowadays. It is good to make friends through internet it just that nowadays especially teenagers who are live in suburban use this networking in a wrong way. They tend to trust anyone as their friends in internet and willing to do anything which is harm for them. I guess parents and teachers should be able to socialize the side effects of this social networking either the good one or bad one. Parents and teacher should be wise giving their contribution in their child’s friendship especially in internet. I also still worry about internet pornography which can be easily consumed by children, Indonesia should have cyber nanny like in USA or other countries to prevent pornography from children.


Color Story said...

another job interview put?

Puti said...

bukan, buat beasiswa, doain ya ...

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