Thursday, 2 September 2010

.. 1 day at braga ciwalk ;p ..

Wew its September already, hopefully HR from Mitrais will call me on 13th and make schedule for signing contract so I can begin at least at 20th and will have training to Bali, yeay, hehe don’t get too optimist put, amin ya rabbal alamin,

Or I have second scenario, mas Shendra from IMS will call me on 13th and make appointment for second interview for BRI KANWIL JABAR which is in menara BRI alun-alun and its smooth so I have to do medical check-up and start training this last Sept, amiiinnnn …

Or the third scenario is .. HR from Bank Mega will call me on 13th for the 2nd interview with the head of marketing product and signing contract, start working not long after that in Menara Bank Mega GatSu, wuiw, its 1 one the coolest building office in Bandung you know, :D, amin ..

But don’t get too optimist cos if it wont happen, it’ll let u down .. I wont, just hope ;p .. by the way, in half hour, I will have test for Microsoft Excel Program Training, cos since I refused 2 jobs last July, I know I wont get job on August cos its fasting month, so I decided to take that training program ;p .. kind of exciting actually but I’m afraid I will forget the formula ;p ..

Yeah you know, if you are unemployed on fasting month, the ratio that you’ll get a job is only 25%, why? Because I was unemployed 2nd times in Ramadhan, on 2007 and 2008, its kinda hard to get a job in Ramadhan cos its .. hmm what is it yaaa? …. Kagok in Indo ;p .. so if in the first week of ramadhan you don’t get news of signing contract, it will be always after Lebaran.

I know, I should take that job in Carla, but I am afraid it will be like the last employer, you know, small office environment with ch*nese employer ;p … trauma, phobia, etc ..

But yeah I will get a job any soon this month, anyway about this month, I’m gonna be 25, not so much change and still afraid of getting married, I mean not ready ;p .. you know, just before I take my last hour training program, I bought sandal ;p … for lebaran? Nope, I don’t have sandal ok, I bought very cheap sandal last July but you know, what can you except from fifteen thousand rupiahs product, it broke just 2 weeks ago ;p .. price wont let you down I guess ..

Yeah what the heck, I bought sandal, another purple and white ;p .. still crazy with the purple color ;p .. and my mom met her friend who happens to be one of my brother’s friend’s mom said that she as in my bro’s friend hasn’t got married, and you know my brother is 28 now .. and my mom told me, I said, its OK and perfectly fine if a girl hasn’t got married in that age as long as she has boyfriend, unless she doesn’t have a boyfriend more than 6 months, then she has issue, or maybe her mom ..

Anyway, again about marriage ;p .. my mom visit old neighborhood, oh ya my grandma from my dads passed away on Tuesday, Innanillahi wa innalilahi rojiun, may Allah receive her .. (is it correct grammatically ;p, excuse me) .. back to my moms and her friends, they talked about marriage, my friend’s mom will have a wedding for her 30 years old daughter, but she doesn’t agree with the son in law, cos she is kinda in wealthy fam and the son in law isn’t, so she doesn’t agree and really totally count every dime for the nuptial budget .. hehe, she said that if she doesn’t make a big wedding  in a big reception building then she will ashame with the neighbor her friends, but she doesn’t want to be the only part who pay everything … hufffthhh, one of many things that makes you get headache when you are a bride wannabe ..

Shut, its 10 minutes more, wish me luck guys ;p
1 day at braga city walk ;p

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