Thursday, 16 December 2010

end of 2010

waw its december already, humm time flies fast .. probably this blog will end 2010 .. humm actually there are a lot of ideas in my brain for the theme of this blog but my ‘weakness’ is if I dont write it out soon then i forgot just like that .. yeah lets just ‘curhat’ he he he he ..

for the last four months, ive been this annoying person who tweets rude without thinking it cos the f*ck*ng job environment (he he baru juga diomongin udah curse something lagi) .. yeah emang udah gak enak feeling one day before i took that flight to the city that is more famous than our country (kata orang bule) .. ternyata seperti ini keadaannya ..

satu kesimpulan aja sih, saya baru merasakan betapa ribet nya sebuah perusahaan tempat saya bekerja sekarang ..

and one of my co-workers is kinda annoying for me .. ya, bukan salah dia mungkin salah saya, atau mungkin bukan salah 22 nya .. mungkin dia tidak bermaksud seperti itu, mungkin dia memang seperti itu ..

tapi aneh ga sih, tanya ttg post paid wedding agreement buat persiapan ntar, almost everytime we meet, always said that has gossip and gossiping bad things about someone while doesnt know the person exactly is like what, bragging all the time, gak mau kalah, selalu nembal balik, who told that should have all equipments while you are still single, and insists finding monthly rented  house instead of rented room while its very rare in this city, bla bla bla, doesnt want to use smartphones, the boss detains for promoting become manager what in age like you or moving other dept, i cant stand .. but
i want to apologize to the person, i should be thankful that i am not alone, handling all those damn matters but yet I AM NOT ENJOY IT ..

selalu aja ada drama and episode every each day hehehe .. so yeah i will end this soon, very soon and hopefully, i can have a job that makes me excited every morning!! aminnn .. cos you know sometimes the number is not everything.

16 dec 2010 --- who happens to be my anniv day --- happy 4th anniv babe, i love you :* he he he ;p

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