Wednesday, 9 February 2011

my cat

Jabrix is missing again :’(

My house always has cats around since we moved here in 1993 (if I’m not mistake). First cat is the white one, I’m kinda blur what he looks like it just everytime I make a noise with the door keys when I am trying to open the door, the cat suddenly ran from someplace heading to my place hehe. The dominant cats that time were white black grey mixed color, I remember theres a lady cat (bikang hehe) or we (me mum bro dad) always say ‘ibunya’ who has white grey black color and she has a lot of kitten (you know in a year cat can pregnant three or four times *wew) and one of her kid had baby in young age (diperkosa ahahaha sama kucing jantan ;p) not that long, she died. Ouwkay, when I was in junior high, I took well adopted hehe a yellow big cat to my house from ‘assalaam’, he is so cute and he really likes margarine hehe (I put in my finger and he licks it with his hard tongue ;p) but it was too bad, once he had a stomachache and he pup in my bro’s bed, my bro was so angry and he kicked my cat, he didnt back home for 5 days or  a week. I dunno, I was kinda sorry that time I don’t love cat that much like now, well now I am a cat freak so we just didn’t care that much and the big yellow cat never back home.

Since that cat, the dominant cats were yellow and we had like ‘ibunya’ which has yellow color also. Like usual, she had lot of kittens, one of them is CHIBI, my ‘officially’ first cat, I think that was in 2006 (yah kurang lebih lah) the history of chibi is here
After two years he died and I cried for two days.

I forgot exactly the time cos I was in Jakarta from 2008 until mid last year, there was ‘ibunya’ the 3rd hehe ... here is her picture .. and the story

Anyway last Sept 2010, si ibunya the 3rd itu had 3 kittens, c jabrix, c item and c abu. Since the mum and daddy ‘jabrix’ so one of the cats which is jabrix has the longest fur. I am so excited for several months cos no one took them and they didnt go anywhere until c item was missing but yeah maybe someone adopt him and we thought three cats are too many.

I am so in love with jabrix cos he is so spoilt and of course the fur is nice. I also put him ribbon with ‘krincing’ but everytime he took a nap in neighboor house, the ribbon is missing until I replace it like 5 times, urgh. One day on mid January he was missing, I was looking for him in the neighborhood and nothing, hiks :’( my mum suspected one of our neighbor because a day before she talked with mum and carry jabrix yet adore him. She also liked cat and has georgous white cat, named si putih. But yeah I don’t get too ‘suudzon’ with her.

Thank God amazingly, 12 days later he came back subuh-subuh, out of nowhere and I was so happy, mum said ‘dont give him necklace’ and yeah I agree with her.

One day, the suspected neighbor who is her nephew, took jabrix to his house, because I don’t want to get freak out, I just let him for like half hour but I don’t want him lossing again, I went to their house, one of the people of the house said ‘jabrix is eating food with putih’ and said ‘ dari kemaren juga kucingnya makan disini mba’ WHAT, okay ‘boleh aja maraban tapi tong ngerem ucing batur atuh euy’ (keluar sunda nya deh) and  I said ‘oh gitu ya tante, saya cari-cari keliling komplek, makasih deh udah dikasih makan’ and the kid mom give jabrix to me ‘nih’ (dengan mukanya yang jutek) ‘yeee kucing siapa yang marah siapa, biasa dong’ (dalam hati tapi).

One nite, last Monday, jabrix wasn’t at my house. I thought, yeah ‘jalan-jalan kali’ eh on Tuesday he wasn’t at near my house and neighborhood, I was looking out him again and NONE, my mum asked the suspected neighbor and kinda yell ‘nyolot’ hehe *galak juga*, she said “eh kalo liat kucing saya balikin, tong dikerem, awas nya” waw nice mum.

But jabrix hasn’t got home until today :’(, hope he just come looking around for cat chick hehe (kayanya udah mulai beger) cos you know after Chibi which is was 2 years ago, I wanna have a cat again, I do still have c abu now but she isn’t him, she isn’t spoilt and doesn’t like to be carry around. I hope he come back soon and I kinda spread missing cat brochure to the entire neighborhood, whatever, my cat is really missing and I do want him back!!

 c abu, the left cat :'(

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