Thursday, 26 January 2012

How Much I Love Listening Radio

Radio has been my best buddy since I was a kid, I have 2 big brothers, the first one is different 8 years, and second one, 3 years. So they influenced songs that I heard, as a kid I've been listened tiffany, michael learns to rock, take that, indecent obssesion, et cetere where kid supposed to be listened child songs, I also listened Indonesia songs, I still remember I bought Rossa first album nada-nada cinta *haha when I was in elementary :p but my very first cassette is Melissa Abang Tukang Bakso but I only know one song and I rarely heard the rests of songs

Okay about radio, I listened radio oz or ardan since junior high, you know radio is best buddy while you did homeworks at night, 99ers radio was booming when I was in high school competed with the most 2 popular teenange radio in Bandung.
I still listened 3 stations until college even sometimes kinda annoyed with "new" songs which I recall its only for teenage *yeah rite I was still young in college rite :p However it's kinda too bad, after I continued my study to get my bachelor degree, I forgot the radio and during early years of working phase in Bandung, I don't know new songs *actually until now :p
hp juara ;p

Nah, when I worked in Jakarta, I was so poorrr of entertainment, haha I meant at first I want to take my tv but since the room that rented is soo smalllll and my tv is old big tv so I cancelled it, so that time my only entertainment is NOKIA N71 for call sms internet music and radio huhu, and every morning I listened hardrockfm jakarta Stenny and Panji, they are hillarious and fun hehe, that habit brings me until now I move back to Bandung, hardrockfm bandung with Manik and Didan, they are also fun, I don't listen oz anymore because it's soo teenage hehe beside sometimes my channel radio setting is gone like that and hardrock 87.70 is the first channel that can be easy listened so yeah stick with it, other great things, hardrock played old songs but they also play new songs but not you the kind of "brisik" one hehehe, I usually heard in the morning since I styled my hair (catokan maksudnya) then there's no song it's better to listen radio rite but recent I heard at nite everytime during washing or houseworks just realized again that listening to the radio was sooooo funnnnn :D


Intan Nashrrullah said...

Me either!! here's my fave radio DJ: - moshiddiq zamzami-Ardan SD
- claudia lenke, sogi, adit, choki n many moreee- OZ SD, SMP, SMA
- ringgo n aduh lupa bgt gw sapa nama partner nya dulu, yg pasti dia org Manado - OZ jaman gw kuliah awal2
- ksananya gw dgr Prambors, less iklan sih hahaha

Love ur blog Put :*

Puti said...

iyaaa benerrrr samaa penyiar fave nyaa haha secara saangkatan yaaa hehehe ;), thank u ntan, your blog is also great :D

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