Monday, 7 May 2012

wish me luck

Hello May, its almost in the middle of the year *hutfhhh gak kerasa yaaa, just another curcol session blog hehe cos lately the blogging mood is somehow runaway from me hehe or I left it in Bandung :D, hmm if you think your life is according your plan well it isn't, its according God plan of course with your efforts, last year I thought, the plan was A to B to C and D well it isnt, its random, when I met some of my friends there's always another curcol session yeah it will always be, somehow I haunted by past it is NOT I don't move on cos I move on soooooooooo fassssssttttttttttt hehe, like I said *rugi patah hati lama-lama :p, don't say I want this, nobody want this shit happened, I still wish it didn't happen or I don't meet since the first time so that didn't happen in my life, nope I guess it just life, it all began from my new job and then it's getting worse, whose boyfriend didn't want to pick up girlfriend  from overtime work, yeah it happened to me and it was sooo suck, and the progress hasn't moved a little bit, even my parents just like ignore my plan, well it didnt meant to be, cos if it is then it will be, ah just forget it

I remember once said, didnt want publish all kinds of photos, you want to know the reason "afraid it won't be happened, afraid it will be failed" well your pray is your command mate, and didnt want to be tagged in all kind of social network formed, kinda weirdo yaa, and never hold my hand first well I should know, if that happened how come I can count on the bigger responsibility involving belief *I was so stupid

Me now is way relaxxx just follow the wind *halah apa sih, with best effort, my desicion to move backto big city well it is actually that I want since graduated, working here BUT that time there was one thing that made me should go back, not anymore, it was just like a force to me and yes kinda ruined my life but yeah it was in the past, just forget and forgive, now I am soo happy never been this happier and so in love hehe *jijay bajay :D, maybe this is it, hopefully *Amin :) hope everything will run smoothly, job love life health, just wish me luck, want to hear good news soon, as soon as possible, hmm like today before 5 o clock *lol

Happy Monday Gals 

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