Tuesday, 1 March 2016

baobab tree

*copas dari katalog kosmetik MIneral botaniCA*

inspired one

We came across Adansonia, a unique tree that is found in the savannas of African and India, mostly around equator. It can grow up 25 m and can live for several thousand years. Baobab is leafless for 9 mos. To describe simply, baobab looks like it has been picked out of the ground and stuffed back in upside down. Trunk would be tap root and branch finer capillary roots.

Arabian legend of baobab is that devil plucked up, thrust its branches into earth and left in the air. It looks like this for a reason. In wet mos waters is stored in its thick, corky fire resistant trunk for the nine dry mos ahead. The bark leaves fruit and trunk are all used. Bark for cloth rope, leaves for condiments and medicines, fruit called monkey bread is eaten.

Its beautiful flower blossom dramatically 24 hours then wilt, yet the tree can thrive in harsh desert like conditions for thousand years, its very difficult a fully grown tree, it said when died, they rot from inside and suddenly disintegrate, leaving dust and fibre. So they dont die but simply vanish overnight.

The true wonder lies in its fruit, it can take 200 years before it produce hard green brown velvety pod shaped fruit, the seed produced rich oil prized by cosmetic companies for its skin nourishing qualities and the small dark seed moisture for both skin and hair. Baobab oil contains omega 3,6,9 fatty acid, superb moisturizer for treating dry skin, help itchiness, eczema, skin cancer, and other.

That is why the tree calls tree of life.

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