#episode4 divorce

for me divorce was so hard, I was thought, I dont need other marriage.
depresi galau stress baper kalau kata anak skrg. once was said, tidak baik bagi anak anak tumbuh dlm keluarga yg tdk bahagia namun selama ayah ibu tidak saling memukul melakukan kekerasan, lebih baik anak tinggal bersama kedua orang tua nya kan (nora e.)
damn, that is so true, tapi saya lelah, why this happens? is it possible that this one was not mine maybe there is next, atau saya hanya akan sendiri saja bersama putri dan ibu saya.
i thought he was the one that cannot hurt me, even my day hurt me mentally, cheat on mom, very strict on rules, and cannot provide my tuition fee but he was never angry.
my ex twice and several time acted like crazy, spoke high tone with ugly face.. i really hate it you know my dad is never angry like even in front of my fucking face..


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