When divorce hit me..it was the best, we dont have thing in common specifically on what we want to do next..

I have full plans of my daughters life
He just slow motion in everything..

Well i dont sign up for this shit life, I already gave everything since we got married, and when I ask one thing, he blame me on everything..

Once mine is broken and cracked, it was so hard to forgive, I never regret on what we doing.. I also just am human who probably has 99% defects.

"gue gak nyesel, mungkin lo yg salah pilih gue, mungkin gue lah penyebab semua ini."

Finally he realized that this cannot be fixed, we can just be peace and continue as friends and parents, that is the best way to create a happy kid.
The process was 2 mos, not that easy though..


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