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We Don't Leave Bad Jobs ... We Leave Bad Bosses
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According to a Gallup study, a high percentage of working adults left their jobs because of a bad boss more than any other reason. In a study of 7,200 adults having a bad boss was the number one reason to leave a company, just ahead of poor goal setting and managing priorities on the part of the boss!
It is interesting just how effective a bad boss is in running off good, and talented people. If you find that you are constantly having to hire people you may want to take a hard look at yourself. If you have a department that is constantly in need of new people, chances are very high that your manager is the cause.
Studies suggest there are 5 things that bad bosses do to make good people quit.
1. They don’t trust us – No one wants to work where they feel they must constantly look over their shoulder or have to deal with a boss who continually questions every action or decision we make. We will become frustrated. Everyone needs the opportunity to prove their worth. If you are a micro manager – YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.
2. They don’t reward us for good work – Do not confuse this with financial reward. It never is about the money. People do not work for money. Money is only a satisfier. We want to hear “great job” and words of praise. If you are not giving praise on a regular basis – START NOW AS YOU MIGHT BE PART OF THE PROBLEM
3. They are dishonest – Integrity is important. We want to know we can trust our boss. Does he lie or distort the truth? Say what you mean and mean what you say.
4. They are difficult – There are few work environments worse than working for the know-it-all boss. Your ideas are never asked for and never as great as the bosses. One of the quickest ways I know to lose a team is to be the one that is doing all of the talking. Smart bosses learn to listen more than talk. Bosses, you may be very surprised at just how smart your team really is but you will never know if you are the one doing the talking.
5. They hire and promote the wrong people – I think this should be #1. One of the quickest ways to kill a team is to hire and promote the wrong people.


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