story serial

it was not like couple talk well were not actually a couple.

on a day I said that i am jendong aka divorcee, a regular man will ask directly so why are you divorce?

but this is one not asking a single thing about that.

the funny thing, when i finally know that he is also a dudeng, divorcee refugee, and we shared why our ex can be an ex, he told that he should give positive comment about his wife and vice versa haha thats weirdo yah.

jadi gw malah harus belain bini nye lah piye, maksudnya sebenernya gimana sih presepsi dari mata seorang wanita ya menurut gw sih jarak umur mereka terlalu jauh dan dia gak suka sama tipe cewe rumahan yg kemana mana ngintilin lakinye.

were just love talking anything ya mostly bisnis, future plan, his studying at canberra, his experience there..gak terkesan sombong yg biasanya gw dapetin dari laki kaya

he insist that his family who is rich, now he only rents regular apt at benhil which only cost 3 mil per month while actually he owns apt near sency

i dunno i still dont believe that human which almost perfect like him is alive, he is workholic though, one he was just like dissapear for 2 weeks but who am i? im not his gf.



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